Police Repeatedly Called To Man’s Gruesome Halloween Display

gruesome halloween display

Halloween is one of the best times of the year. It allows us to channel the most creative sides of ourselves to get into the spooky spirit. However, some have an imagination so powerful that they take things to a new extreme. A house was reportedly seen being investigated multiple times by local police this Halloween. The reason is because of the gruesome Halloween display outside causing all to panic who pass by.

The Gruesome Halloween Display

The gruesome Halloween display was truly a sight to behold. This man’s lawn looked like a scene from a Quentin Tarantino film! You can see from the sidewalk all the gory details. The lawn was a menagerie of dummies lying on the ground in pools of fake blood. Multiple props such as a safe, a knife, fake limbs, a wheelbarrow, and a chainsaw can be seen. As well as fake bodies wrapped in duck-taped garbage bags. It’s no wonder locals called the police to investigate! (1)

“I am shocked that it has become such a huge deal around the nation,” claims Steven Novak, the creator of the gruesome Halloween display. “I expect a lot of visitors on Halloween and cannot wait to greet them as Beetlejuice.”

This isn’t the first time this neighborhood has had an incredibly gruesome Halloween display before. In fact, this is Novak’s sixth year of concocting a gruesome Halloween display for the spooky season. “The police love it as much as the kids do… A policeman just shook my hand this morning when I was drinking coffee outside,” Novak says.

The Creator Of The Gruesome Halloween Display

Steven Novak is a 42 year-old artist that lives in Dallas, Texas. His full time job is working for a company that opens and repairs safes. In his spare time, Novak says that he can be seen crafting and creating outside his home. Staging his first displays about six years ago now and continuing the tradition ever since.

“I’m an artist and make stuff outside all the time. My neighbors told me I should do something for Halloween.” Novak says. (1)

Novak has been spooking the neighborhood with flying, animatronic ghosts, lights, fog machines, skulls, speakers and cobwebs. As a result, the children have been a source of inspiration for him.

“The kids in the neighborhood told me I should put out dead bodies and blood the next year. Each year, they give me more ideas.” (1)

Novak claims that he’s had to reassure the local police throughout the years that his displays are only displays. Of course, some police want to checkout the gruesome Halloween display for themselves. The police tend to give Novak a handshake and relay the concerned calls they’ve received by neighbors to him.

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Maintaining The Horror Scene

Novak says that one of the most difficult things to do is keep up with the rain. Because of the rain, Novak’s fake blood washes off and he has to reapply it regularly.

“The blood is the hardest because it rains so much in October. I indefatigably re-apply it every morning. I went through about 20 gallons last year.” However, this does not keep Novak from getting creative.

The children of the neighborhood eagerly await Novak’s next gruesome Halloween display. Novak states enthusiastically, “I plan on scaling it up next year. I’m going to rent a wood chipper and turn it into a continuous recirculating blood fountain with a speaker so it sounds like it’s actually running.” (1)

Use Your Imagination

Because of the pandemic, people have gotten very creative for their own gruesome Halloween displays. Steven Novak’s gruesome Halloween display is definitely a source of spooky inspiration. However, Checkout some of Denver’s Halloween displays for 2020. People all over the city busted out their best creations for Halloween this year. Making these various kinds of displays was a way for the city to celebrate the holiday without too much overcrowding. People can walk through the neighborhood and enjoy the spooky decorations.

There were other people who had a different idea in mind as to what scary looked like this year. Today.com shows how people stationed skeletons up with laptops outside like they were in zoom meetings. Some people’s displays featured a parent skeleton trying to home teach their skeleton children outside. In addition to this, people have decided to decorate pumpkins like the corona-virus.

Hopefully next year people will be able to celebrate like they did normally. It’s been very difficult in the year 2020 without being able to enjoy our holidays the way they should. However, a pandemic won’t deter us from having a good time with our friends and family.

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