Police rush to rescue pensioner crying out for help – only to find mocking parrot

Police rushed to a home and kicked down the door after receiving reports about an elderly woman in distress, only to find out the cries for help were coming from a pesky parrot

Police shared a picture of one of their officers next to the pesky parrot

Police were left red-faced after breaking into a home to rescue a pensioner crying out for help – only to discover a mocking parrot inside.

A team of officers rushed to the home after receiving reports about an elderly woman in distress, HullLive reports.

They booted down the door at 7.30pm and found the property was empty, apart from a parrot sitting in a cage.

When the homeowner’s son returned home he told the officers it was his feathered friend – and not his mum – that was saying “help”.

West Midlands Force Response shared details of the hilarious mishap on Twitter along with a picture of an officer posed with the cheeky green bird.

They wrote: “C Team Sutton respond to a report of an elderly female shouting for help inside her address.

“Entry forced and searched however no sign of the female. Son arrives and informs PC Jukes that the parrot in the living room talks and was the one shouting Help!”

The team added: “Sutton are ready for another day of answering emergency calls!

“Hopefully we don’t have any more calls relating to naughty parrots! #PollySending PoliceCrackers #ParrotGate.”

One web user Piers Doughty-Brown commented: “Charge him with wasting police time and put him before the Beak?”

Kaz said: “Brilliant but it just proves that you are always there to respond to someone in need even though it was a parrot this time.”

PC Matty added: “Reminds me of one of the Carry On films!” while Andrew wrote: “Who’s a clever boy then?”

DJ Markymarc was more concerned and asked: “Where did the parrot learn to cry ‘help’ in a ladies voice? Is there any more checking to be done here?”

Another user called Pug said “arrest that parrot”, while another wrote “thank goodness Polly was safe and well… crackers!”

It comes after police shared a hilarious image of one of Britain’s “worst parked cars” which managed to straddle not one but two kerbs at once.

The vehicle was spotted by Avon and Somerset police in Bristol and defied belief as the officers were left confused at the “unorthodox parking methods”, Bristol Live reported .

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Officers are now making inquiries to find out who owns the car.

Avon and Somerset road policing unit tweeted: “Vehicle located overnight, unattended… enquiries ongoing to identify driver and to discuss their unorthodox parking methods.

“Clue, the sign does NOT mean anything about flying vehicles!”

Lots of people replied to the post, @ActiveTravelNet said: “Can you not get this vehicle moved, and the driver fined?”

While @owestenken wrote: “First, undeniably c**p driving, but good God can you get the council to sort that sign?!

“Red ring means ‘no’, not sure what white ring means!”

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