Pregnant mum slams husband’s baby name choice as it sounds like an ‘alien’

A woman has claimed that her husband’s choice of baby name might not be a good fit as people keep telling her it sounds a lot like the word ‘alien’ – but she’s torn as he’s ‘in love’ with the name

The pregnant woman wasn't keen on her husband's choice of baby name (stock photo)
The pregnant woman wasn’t keen on her husband’s choice of baby name (stock photo)

Throughout the years, the internet has provided us with some weird and wonderful baby names that are a little more unique than most. However, a pregnant woman has been left concerned about what people may think of her husband’s choice of name for their baby as she was told it sounds like an “alien”.

In the post on popular online forum Reddit, the woman explained that whilst her husband is “much in love” with the name Elyon due to religious connotations, it sounds a little too extraterrestrial for her liking. She took to the internet for advice as she asked users for help to help choose their unborn baby boy’s name.

The baby name ‘Elyon’ sounded too much like ‘alien’ (stock photo)


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She explained: “My husband and I are expecting our first boy next year January.

“We both are Christian so we would like to name our baby based on our faith.

“My husband is much in love with name ‘Elyon’, but to me it is not convincing.

She’s still searching for choices for her baby boy (stock photo)


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“It is surely a unique name but since somebody told me it sounds like alien – I can’t stop relating Eylon to Alien,” she admittedly penned beside a laughing emoji.

She sought advice from users online and asked: “What do you guys think about name Eylon and any good name suggestion that sounds soothing and calm??”

Sharing their thoughts, users on Reddit took to the comment section to share their advice – and possible ideas of names, which sounded reasonably similar.

“I’m not a huge fan, all I hear is alien now that you’ve mentioned it,” one user admittedly penned beside a laughing and a alien emoji.

A second agreed as they suggested: “I’m sorry but it totally sounds like Alien. Maybe go with Elliot, Elijah, or Elias.”

A different user assured: “I can’t unhear alien now either lol. But I don’t think most people would make the connection to alien unless they were told.”

A fourth user suggested a meaningful name: “Solomon is a biblical name meaning “peace” and refers to King Solomon who was known for his wisdom.

“And as a bonus, Solomon ends in the same ‘-on’ sound as ‘Elyon’, but without sounding like ‘alien’!”

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