Psychic who claims she saw Covid coming shares predictions for the next few years

When psychic Roxanne Furnival sat down to do a reading for a hospital worker in 2018, she claims she could see a big change in the woman’s job.

“I could see everyone wearing masks. There was pandemonium and I thought there was going to be a terrorist attack”, she said.

“But then, in January 2019, I had an overwhelming feeling of dread. That’s when I knew the pandemic was coming.

“I started to see a black cloud engulfing the world and I began to panic about my children and my mortality. It was terrifying.

“Then, as I watched the news in January about Covid-19 in China, I just knew that was what I’d been seeing.”

Now, 35-year-old Roxanne, from Torquay, Devon, has shared her predictions for the next few years – and it sounds like it’s going to be pretty busy.

She claims she’s always been able to see into the future


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She claims she’s always been able to see into the future but after her divorce in April 2013 she decided to hone her psychic gift by training properly – joining a Tarot course in her local area.

Within a few years she had turned her life around – quitting her hospitality role and launching her alternative and holistic health service, Spiritually Being, through which she also gives psychic readings, the following year.

She said: “Women especially have a change in chakras – the energy centres in the body – when they turn 30. It’s one of the monumental birthdays and can cause real change.

“I left my husband in April 2013 after nine months of marriage, when I was only 27. It was a tough time, but it’s always in tough times that spirits come to us.

“The visions became really strong when I hit the milestone birthday of 30 and, after enrolling on some courses, I started to read professionally and launched Spiritually Being in April 2017”

Roxanne believes another royal baby could be on the way


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Now Roxanne, who normally charges £25 for readings, but gave them at a reduced rate throughout the lockdowns “so as to help as many people as possible” gives a pessimistic vision of what lies ahead.

She said: “I wouldn’t book any holidays until the summer of 2022 or 2023.

“I think Freedom Day will happen, but not as we envisaged it. I get a vision that we’ll still have restrictions for at least the next two years.

“I also think there’s going to be a lot of change and a lot of civil unrest.

“We’re all going to have to be kind and take care of each other over the next few years, as we’re going to be paying the price of Covid for a long time.”

According to her visions, there will be some relief to the gloom in August.

She said: “August is going to be the best month to do things. I don’t see a heatwave, but I see warm weather, less rain and everything being more open.

“If you’re going to book anything, or go away, I think August is the safest bet. It’ll be a real party atmosphere on the streets.”

Economically, her forecast is less rosy, as she sees us being dogged by Covid debts which our children will still be paying off decades into the future.

“It’s going to take 30 years to recover from the effects of the pandemic,” she warned.

“I see a lot of conspiracy theories gaining support and a general feeling of injustice taking over the country.

“I predict there will be riots and a lot of civil unrest. It’s going to be a trying time and I warn people to be mindful of their actions.”

She also sees some seismic developments in UK politics and the Royal Family.

It’s bad news for Boris Johnson


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“There’s a lot hanging in the balance, but I have a strong feeling that something is going to happen that means Boris won’t win the next election,” she said.

“I see upheaval. But I also see new politicians emerging. I see a new party coming out of the shadows, a party that until now we haven’t paid a lot of attention to.

“I see a strong woman. It’s definitely a female leading next.”

As well as seeing another baby for Harry and Meghan, Roxanne predicts William becoming King sooner than he expects to.

“I see another girl in Harry and Meghan’s future. There are definitely three children with them in my visions,” she said.

“I don’t see Kate and William having another, though.

“I see a lot of rivalry between William and Harry, but in time, I see their relationship mending – although it might not be for another decade.”

And while she sees Harry and Meghan attending the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations next year, she sees them being seated to one side – away from the major players in the Royal Family.

“I see them attending, but they’ll be seated to the side. I don’t see them included in the inner circle,” she said.

“I think they are going to be kept at arm’s length for a long time.

“Harry’s found his voice through Meghan, which is brilliant, but I’m concerned it’s too much for him. I see him struggling in the future with this.”

Most controversially, Roxanne sees the throne being passed directly to Prince William and not to Prince Charles.

“I don’t see Charles becoming King,” she said.

“I see the crown being passed to William. I’m not sure how this will evolve, but I see Charles stepping aside to let William lead. I don’t know if that’s his choice, or someone else’s, but I don’t see him on the throne.”

Meanwhile, in showbusiness circles, she sees TOWIE’s Gemma Collins having a year bringing great wealth, while a Love Island scandal is going to leave the UK public shaken.

Things are looking bright for The GB

“I see a lot of reality star scandals over the next year. But I see a lot of positivity for Gemma Collins, who I see succeeding in a current project which may be health-related,” she said.

Lastly, Roxanne predicts a decade of wild weather and UK floods, as well as unsettling global politics.

“I don’t see another pandemic for a long time. Instead, I see civil unrest and a lot of flooding for the UK.

“Global warming is going to pay a large part in our future. I see storms, maybe small hurricanes and a lot of devastation by floods.”

But, despite trusting her visions, Roxanne says people can still change the future by being mindful of what it could hold.

She said: “I think to avoid some of the predictions people need to keep calm and be mindful of others.

“It’s not all doom and gloom – there are also bright days ahead.

“August is going to be joyful and we will find happiness as we reconnect after lockdown.”

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