Random and Even Fun, Weird New Years Resolutions: Part One

  • You know, unless you’re part of the 46% of people that can keep your resolutions six months later.

Do you have any weird New Years resolutions? Or maybe you just plain need to make some new ones, some fun ones, and some that you really want to keep because, well, YOLO.

  1. Try something new from your favorite coffee shop.
  2. Make your charcuterie dreams come true with butter boards, butter cream boards, and even cream cheese boards.
  3. Brush your teeth after coffee, no matte what the advice says. (I mean, come on.) This is the first of the “weird” New Years resolutions we should all be making!
  4. Sweeten up Taco Tuesday with dessert tacos, like ice cream with chocolate sauce and strawberries or apple pie filling and cinnamon.
  5. Start blaming your farts on the dog. (Unless you don’t have a dog and then..maybe walk out of the room and come back?)
  6. Have a chicken party! People can dress like a chicken, walk around like a chicken, and most importantly, bring their favorite chicken dishes to share.
  7. Watch your favorite show, in its entirety, throughout the year, and see how many times it takes until you’re sick of it.
  8. Break your New Years resolutions for one of these fun ones! They may be weird new years resolutions, but who doesn’t like activities!
  9. Quit Door Dashing, it’s honestly so expensive. Instead, make dupes yourself at home. Just google, Chipotle Burrito Bowl copycat, make it for yourself. Then enjoy! You will get way more food for way less cost and that’s always a win.
  10. Talk enneagram numbers with friends. Do you know what an enneagram number is? Did you know that everyone has one and that they are pretty spot on and very interesting? *Googles enneagram.*
  11. Keep gum or mints on you so that you and everyone around you has good breath. Another of the weird New Years resolutions we should all think about.
  12. Join a “buy nothing” group on Facebook and trade to see how much of a come up you can get.
  13. Start a meme account. Now this is fun and if you have some extra time on your hands, it will certainly be entertaining.
  14. Bring back some old school sayings and start working them into your daily conversations.
  15. Pick an AirBnb over a hotel and see what it’s like to literally spend some time and live in someone else’s house.
  16. Enjoy your coffee hot. Or, if you like it cold, fill it up with all the ice, honey! Weird New Years resolutions be damned, we’re going to drink our coffee how we want in 2023.
  17. Host a supper or potluck with your friends. Everyone loves food and company, so put it together and have a blast.
  18. Learn a new dance, trick or athletic feat, like a handstand or the macarena, if you don’t know it already.
  19. Rearrange your..something. Seriously, rearranging your space whether it be your room or living room can really make the area feel fresh and give you a sense of calm newness.
  20. Stop doom scrolling on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all other media. Maybe even take some time out for weird New Years resolutions and stop scrolling all together.
  21. Liven up your wardrobe by only buying a few things, but make them be pieces that you love and want to wear forever.

What do you think of these weird New Years resolutions? For more, visit Random and Even Fun, Weird New Years Resolutions: Part Two.


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