Rave arrival: California woman goes into labor at Electric Daisy Carnival

By Regina Ahn | KVVU

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (KVVU) — A woman who was pregnant and not due for weeks had her Electric Daisy Carnival experience cut short. She went into labor at the music festival.

”Yeah she decided to come out this weekend,” said Cristina Celis.

Celis was enjoying her time at EDC the highlight of her year, she’s gone now for five years. This time it was no different.

“We were there for the whole weekend Friday, Saturday. Friday felt fine, Saturday felt completely fine, then just vibing to the music,” she said.

At 32 weeks pregnant she was taking it easy, but it was during artist Zedd’s performance, something felt odd.

“Out of nowhere on Saturday night I started to get some weird pains, it’s my first baby so I wasn’t sure what I was feeling,” Celis said.

After a quick trip to the medic at the rave, she said she was in an ambulance on her way to University Medical Center.

“Within not even an hour of everything they transferred me within 30 mins to this hospital and within 15 minutes she was here,” said Celis.

Six weeks early, little Izzabella Daisy Garcia was born.

Cristina and her boyfriend Landon Garcia don’t live in Las Vegas. Traveling from Santa Clarita California, they’re sad to be away from family and their baby who is in the NICU at UMC.

“It was kind of painful not being there at least I’m right here and everything’s good,” said Garcia.

“It’s just hard being the first one and not being there with her 100 percent of the time,” she said. Doctors say it’ll be 6-8 weeks before little Izzabella can leave the NICU.

For now, the two have been overwhelmed with social media message of congratulations, even getting attention from Zedd and other artists.

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