Rays Win ALCS Game 3, One Step From World Series

The Tampa Bay Rays, clearly, do not work by the hour, do they do? After three games, they have three wins over the Houston Astros, putting them in a very commanding position in the ALCS. One more win from the next four games- if those are necessary- will carry them through. They made their hay on Tuesday night via playing better defense. It has been a common theme, but that saw them prevail yet again on the evening as theirs was spectacular and Houston’s lacked in one area: that of Jose Altuve.

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The second baseman made a sixth-inning error that changed the complexion of the game, helping the Rays plate five runs in the frame. He wasn’t all to blame, but it sure didn’t help as they more than canceled out the home run he had hit in the first inning. Their runs came from ‘small ball,’ with Joey Weddle’s single, a hit-by-pitch, and a Hunter Renfroe double doing the damage. Jose Urquidy lost the game for the Astros having only conceded one earned run in five innings, a really tough blow for sure. And one that leaves the Astros in a very bad situation heading into a must-win Game 4 (and 5, 6, and 7, too).

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