Report: Blue Jays Want MLB Park For ‘Home’

Like many people around the world have found, shopping for a home can be tough. That is certainly the case for the Toronto Blue Jays, who have been told they can’t live in theirs (play) this season. That has seen them scrambling to find a new place to play, with some suggesting that they would play in Buffalo or even in Dundein, Florida.

Toronto Star

The former is one of their affiliates, while the latter is their spring training headquarters. With their first ‘home’ game coming in less than ten days now, it appears that they would like to play in an actual MLB ball park. They believe that they will compete better in one, so that idea is being thrown out there. Now, the question is whether or not they can share with someone. If not, it might be possible for them to play in a park that is not being used. Of course, if those ideas fail, they’ll be stuck with a minor league stadium or possibly worse. Either way, the clock is ticking quickly.

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