Report: MLB Looking Into Bubble Format For Playoffs

The return of Major League Baseball hasn’t exactly gone smoothly. Ever since the start of play in the last of July, it seems like at least one game per day has had to be postponed due to positive Covid-19 tests. Despite that, the league has soldiered on and kept playing games. That, though, might not be possible in the long term, and the league is moving to rectify that with the playoffs.

Daily Herald

Reportedly, they will do so by implementing a bubble like the NHL, MLS, and NBA have done in order to complete the postseason. Or at least that is the talk going on currently. The complicated part is that they have expanded this season’s playoffs to include 16 teams, so it’s being said that Disney would not be an option as it cannot host them all on its own. So, the multiple bubble format, such as the one the NHL used and the one supposedly proposed earlier in the year prior to the MLB restart, is said to be the way they might just have to end up going.

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