Report: Nationals Could Play Outside Of DC


The pandemic we are in the middle of has a lot of us looking to make changes to our lives. One such change could be a change of venue. Like many of us, the same can be said, apparently, of the Washington Nationals. It’s being reported that they might be forced to go elsewhere in a bid to get outside of DC’s quarantine measures that force anyone that tests positive for Covid-19 to remain in lockdown for two weeks.

Of course, while MLB and the teams will be safe, they also will have protocols via testing in place that can allow for someone to come back sooner. It’s being said that DC will not bend those rules, even for the World Series champs, and that means they are looking into playing their games somewhere else. One possibility is their Single-A affiliate in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The Nationals, when we do get started in about a week, might not be the only team forced to take these measures, either, with the Blue Jays and Dodgers being the most notable to stand out.

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