Report: NBA To Allow Teams To Train At Facilities

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The NBA is trying to come up with a good, solid play for a return to play, and for many people, the first (and most important step) might just be how the training camps will work. With the main idea of all of the league meeting in a ‘bubble’ and playing out the remainder of the season, a process that could take up to three months, many feel like they simply would be away from home for far too long.

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In steps the idea, apparently, that is now being mooted, which is to allow teams to run training camps in their own facilities. That is the latest report, which also has made it clear that the players, coaches, and their immediate families will then be heading to one of either Las Vegas or Orlando, who are both vying for the opportunity to host the final games of the regular season and the playoffs as well. This all does, however, hinge on whether or not all states are ‘open for business’ or not by the time the decision is made. If they are not, then some adjustments will have to be made.

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