Report: SEC Coaches Angered Over Scheduling


The SEC, at least for the moment, appears to be one of the conferences that are set to go ahead with football despite the Covid-19 pandemic. And in doing so, some adjustments, obviously, were going to have to be made. The normal 12-game schedule had to go, for starters, as did non-conference contests. But the SEC wouldn’t be the SEC without some controversy, as they came up with a 10-game slate that would keep it all in conference.


Each team would play their eight scheduled conference games, and then they would also get two more added. The problem lies in the fact that the SEC, apparently, does not want to disclose how this process was done. As a result, a few coaches, probably the newer ones and those that are lesser-ranked, are said to be upset by the lack of transparency. At any rate, it does not look like the SEC is interested in releasing the criteria for selection, so coaches will just have to ‘suck it up’ and forge a path forward.

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