Reports: Harden Potentially On The Move, Celtics Open To Trades


According to reports, James Harden could be on the move from the Houston Rockets. First, there is one that says that Harden is allegedly unhappy with the team’s selection of new head coach Stephan Silas. Apparently, if those rumors are true, Harden was hoping another candidate would land in town. That, obviously, did not happen, and now it looks as if the guard could be enticed to move elsewhere in the future.

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Another report states that the potential destination might just be Philadelphia, with the 76ers hiring Daryl Morey, the former Rockets GM, as their new man in charge. Of course, there are some hoops to jump through before that can happen. More than likely, Harden won’t leave Houston before 2022, and on top of that, they would also have to beat the interest of other teams… unless, of course, there is a trade that took place. That seems unlikely, however, so for now this is just mere speculation. Elsewhere, the Boston Celtics are, reportedly, gearing up for a busy offseason. That’s because, according to sources, they are set to trade all three of their first-round draft picks so that they can move up and pick at a higher position. Sitting with the 14th, 26th, and 30th picks, the Celtics are looking to make this bold move due to the fact that they desperately want to win now and are relatively stocked full of youthful players as it is. With the three picks they are due to have at this point currently, they would probably not improve very much, at least right away, so there is hope that moving up could land them a player that would immediately add something new to the mix.

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