Reports: MLB Set For Bubble Plan


It has been rumored for some time, and it now looks to be one step toward becoming a reality. Major League Baseball is closing in on heading to a bubble for its playoffs. The reasoning behind it is pretty simple as well: the fact that games continue to be postponed due to positive Covid-19 tests. The latest came on Friday as MLB delayed the playing of two games between the San Diego Padres and the San Francisco Giants. With that and many other positives this season so far, the league has to look at ways to ensure that the playoffs can not only be played but also finished.

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Some have worried that they could theoretically begin and then be canceled due to the virus spreading, so it looks like the league is going to try to cut those fears off at the pass. While the players’ union does not technically have to sign off on this, the owners are looking at this as a precarious position and want to make sure they are on-board. If sources are to be believed, the sites would be in Texas, with the whole thing taking about a month to complete once it gets underway. Stay posted because this is sure to develop pretty quickly.

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