Reports: No Preseason NFL Games, Daily Testing


In a bid to try and avoid what Major League Baseball went through, the NFL is trying to get out in front of issues before the season is to begin. And as such, a couple of big bits of news came out on Monday. First of all, it emerged that the NFL and NFLPA had agreed that players would be tested daily for Covid-19 as part of training camp, allaying fears quite a bit that a breakout could occur without anyone’s knowledge.

USA Today

Then, and perhaps the biggest news to come out of the day, was that the preseason was going to be scrapped entirely. As reported, the NFL had wanted to play just two- one less than the three that had already been agreed to- and the NFLPA wanted to play none. In the end, it was the players that won out with no compromise in this situation. This will, obviously, reduce the travel required. However, it will be similar to college football’s opening weekend, which could cause slightly more surprises to take place. Each team will have, according to reports, three weeks to do strength and conditioning, 10 days of practice without pads, and then ten days of padded workouts.

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