Reports: Suns Interested In Paul Trade

The Phoenix Suns are one of the more promising teams in the NBA right now, so much so that they appear to believe that they might just me a piece away from being a valid contender. That is, if sources are to be believed, because those are indicating that they might be interested in bringing on the services of Chris Paul.

The Inquisitr

That would have to be done, of course, via a trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and there is plenty of evidence that they could pull off a move. For one, they are improving their facilities greatly. On top of that, they have plenty of cap space and some young players (and picks) they’d likely be willing to part with to land the veteran point guard. The Thunder, meanwhile, who has had Paul just one season since landing him in a deal for Russell Westbrook with Houston, would be willing to consider it given that he has over $40 million due to him over the next to years. That could just be the key numbers here that determines if this deal becomes a reality or not.

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