Ritz Crackers say the jagged edges aren’t just for show – they have a practical use

The popular Ritz Crackers are known for their unique look and scalloped edges, but their design has a hidden use that many people are unaware of

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Ritz Crackers have been around since 1934, but the iconic snack has been hiding a practical use within its design that most people have no idea about.

In a TikTok video posted earlier this week, Ritz revealed the secret to their crackers’ scalloped edges, which they say aren’t just for aesthetics.

The clip begins with a close up of a cracker alongside text which reads: “What people think the edges on RITZ Crackers are for: Wow, so pretty, aesthetic, beautiful scallops.”

But the video then displayed the proper use of a RITZ Cracker – as a tool for cutting cheese.

One commenter was left “questioning their entire existence” by the video



The woman in the video used the edges of the cracker and rolled it to make a series of jagged cuts in her slice of cheese, which she then separated and placed between her crackers ready to enjoy as a snack.

And the video has proved to be mind-blowing to commenters, as almost 6,000 people have left a message on the clip stating their shock at the revelation.

One wrote: “RITZ you are making me question my entire existence.”

While another added: “I refuse to believe I went an entire 24 years of my life without knowing this.”

And a third shocked fan said: “No. No No. I can’t handle this kind of information.”

However, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed the woman in the video used her hands to pull apart the cheese after it was cut with the RITZ Cracker, and they took to the comments to deny the practicality of the savoury snack.

One comment read: “She says as she pulls the cheese with her fingers…”

And another said: “Just rip the cheese.”

While others just refused to accept the life-changing information from the very people who created them in the first place.

One wrote: “That’s not what they’re for. You just made that up.”

And RITZ themselves responded, writing: “But we’re RITZ we’re allowed to.”