Rockets Square Up With Warriors

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Kevin Durant and Steph Curry both had chances to tie Game 4 of the Western Conference Semis on Monday with just under five seconds to play in the game, but neither of the Golden State Warriors’ stars were able to connect, allowing the Houston Rockets to hold on to win 112-108. The win doesn’t look nearly as dominant as the Rockets truly were.

Sports Illustrated

Maybe dominant isn’t the word for it, but the Warriors were trailing the Rockets seemingly by 7-12 points for the entirety of the second half before they made a late run at it. Every time they started to get close, barring the run right toward the end, James Harden would respond with a clutch shot, part of the 38 he would score. Former OKC teammate Durant ended up with 34 of his own, but he needed 37 to get it to OT, something that didn’t happen in the end. The series now shifts back to Oakland at 2-2 and is waiting for a team to win on the road.

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