Ryder Cup Postponed To 2021

The world with Covid-19 has certainly been a strange one. Sporting events have been canceled, postponed, and played without any fans in attendance. Some events have been more successful than others at doing this. Golf has largely been just fine, but that’s for ‘regular events.’ Special ones, such as the Ryder Cup, with its rowdy and raucous atmosphere, would just be terrible without any fans attending.

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As such, this year’s edition has been pushed back a year to 2021. The PGA of America will officially make the announcement on Wednesday that most had assumed was coming, all in a bid to ensure it will be played with fans at Whistling Straits when it finally does ‘tee’ off. It’s being reported that next year’s President’s Cup, due to be played in Charlotte, and 2022’s Ryder Cup, slated for Rome, will also be pushed back a year as well. They will continue to alternate, as they have done for some time now.

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