Sam Asghari Promises ‘Personal Growth’ in 2024 Amid His Divorce From Britney Spears

He didn’t wait until the new year to get his fitness game on track. Since filing for divorce from Britney Spears in August, Sam Asghari has shed a whopping 40 pounds. But he’s not calling it a revenge body.

“I always love to be in shape,” Sam exclusively told Life & Style on January 7 at the Young Hollywood & the Breakout Stars of 2023 event, presented by Affinity and Tequila Don Julio, in L.A. “But at the same time, you have to find a balance of being in great shape and also enjoying your life, so sometimes it’s OK to not be in the best shape as long as you are able to get back the second you decide to.”

Not every decision has seemingly been as effortless for Sam, though. He and Britney, 42, were together for a total of nearly seven years — during which they successfully fought to end her conservatorship in order to wed in 2022 and, ideally, start a family — before the up-and-coming actor pulled the plug on their relationship in 2023. Now he’s vowed to learn from previous mistakes while moving forward.

“In the past few years, a lot of maturity took place in myself. With age comes wisdom and life experience,” Sam, 29, says. “The next year is gonna be a lot of personal growth, a lot of focus on career, and acting specifically. And that’s it.”

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Dating is definitely off the cards. “I’m not looking for a partner,” Sam insists. “I have a partner at home waiting for me. Her name is Porsha — my dog!”

The Doberman had been a gift the model and fitness trainer gave to Britney, but Sam got custody post-split — and the exes were reportedly close to finalizing other matters of their divorce as of November. Indeed, despite Britney initially saying she was “shocked” by the breakup, things appear to have gone as smoothly as possible. Sam’s even expressed support for her bestselling memoir, The Woman in Me. “I’m freakin’ proud of her,” he said following the tome’s October release. “I hope she takes over the world.”

Of course, his glowing review could be due, in part, to the fact that the book was completed prior to the demise of their romance. In it, Britney gushes of “stable” Sam and their “insane” chemistry: “He’s a gift from God.” But Brit has since revealed she’s working on a sequel that would presumably cover their divorce. “Volume 2 will be released [in 2024],” she shared. “Get ready!”

Still, her ex doesn’t appear worried. When asked by Life & Style what advice he’d give his younger self, Sam replied, “Don’t change anything.”

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