Sauce expert claims ‘perfect’ bacon sandwich shouldn’t have ketchup – it needs marmalade

Felicity Cloake, author of Red Sauce, Brown Sauce: A British Breakfast Odyssey, said that the perfect bacon sandwich should come with a slathering of marmalade instead of ketchup

Felicity Cloake
Felicity Cloake believes marmalade is the perfect addition to a bacon sandwich

An expert has controversially claimed the perfect bacon sandwich should be made with marmalade instead of ketchup or lashings of HP sauce, but fans have been left divided.

Felicity Cloake is an award-winning food writer and the author of Red Sauce, Brown Sauce: A British Breakfast Odyssey, so it seems she knows a thing or two about bacon sarnies.

She said that to get the British staple just right, you have to slather marmalade over the cooked bacon before you serve it, but her suggestion has left Twitter uses divided.

Some thought it was an abomination and others thought it sounded delicious, and soon Felicity commented on the debate saying she felt “demonised yet triumphant.”

Will you be reaching for a jar of marmalade next time you make a bacon sarnie?


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Speaking to The Guardian, Felicity said: “I feel like a bad British person for saying this – I much prefer English mustard in a bacon sandwich. And marmalade.

“Think about it – ham is often glazed with mustard and honey. A friend introduced me to it, and it feels like a Damascene moment every time I eat one.”

News of her unusual choice soon spread online and outraged brits commented in droves, voicing their disgust at her condiment choice.

One said: “I like an occasional bacon sandwich but I would draw the line at marmalade! Never.'”

Then a second wrote: “Marmalade in a bacon sarnie… marmalade?!”

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But not everyone hated the idea, as one user tweeted: “I have been advocating marmalade on a bacon butty for years!”

And a third wrote: “Going out on a limb here, but if you are okay with sweet chutney in cheese sandwiches and with apple sauce on pork or cranberry jam on turkey… marmalade in bacon sandwiches is fine.”

After the news was shared on the front page of the Daily Star, Felicity took to Twitter to say: “Actually read the thing now and realised it is about me. Dying of pride. Rushing out to buy every copy of the Star in existence.

“I feel demonised and yet triumphant. Not sure what company that puts me in.”

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