Savvy mum shares £4 hack for removing permanent marker from walls in seconds

The mum has been praised for her ‘realist commentary’ after she found out that her toddler had scribbled all over her white walls – thankfully she found the perfect cleaning product to wipe it away in seconds

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TikTok user shares hack for cleaning pen off walls

Mums everywhere will know all too well that kids can wreak havoc on homes, and while you want to encourage their imagination and curiosity, sometimes their creative play can leave you with quite the mess.

Whether it’s splatting food up the walls, getting their hand on an eyeshadow palette or painting areas they shouldn’t – kids are notorious for causing a scene, but luckily there are clever cleaning hacks that can help you scrub away the damage, leaving things as good as new. One mum has revealed an incredible hack for removing permanent marker from walls, and it costs around £4 to get instant results.

The sponge disintegrates after use


The mum was not pleased with the scribbles


Taking to TikTok to share the savvy tip, the mum, named Kee, showed footage of sprawled red marker all across her white walls, and joked about the mishap in the caption, saying “I love him but hes [sic] a little sh**” with a laughing emoji.

People have praised the mum for her ‘realist commentary’ on the video, as she explains: “So my d******* son wrote all over my wall, he’s three and he’s a little terror.

Posting under the username @anythingyuhlike, the clip shows the woman using a small white sponge. At first, she runs water over it under the tap, and then scrubs the wall with the cleaning product and the red permanent marker disappears nearly instantly.

Narrating the clip, the mum explains: “I was online shopping and I came across this thing from Waitrose. I ordered it, tried it, and boom! Look at that, oh my gosh, it’s actually coming out!”

“Mums… MUMS! You need to wake up and get this thing,” she urges, before explaining that the sponge disintegrates after you’ve used it.

The product the mum used is Ecozone’s water activated magic stain eraser, which you can pick up online for as little as £3.89.

Others pointed out that you can get a cheaper option called magic eraser from budget stores like Poundland, with one writing: “Can get from savers, home bargains, poindlound [sic] etc for a while block like 2 pound too”.

People are in stiches over the woman’s sweary commentary, with one commenting: “I shouldn’t laugh but the beginning was funny i swear ive [sic] banned crayons and felt tips in my house”.

Another praised the product, as she wrote: “Na please where was this when it took me 3 hours to get scribbles off”.

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