SEC Goes With 10-Game, In-Conference Only Schedule

Just a couple days after learning that the ACC would be allowing one nonconference game for its member organizations, the SEC announced on Thursday that they would be taking the opposite route and strictly going with a 10-game format in which its teams will only be facing one another in 2020. The decision has been made, obviously, because of the Covid-19 crisis, and it means that a number of age-old rivalry game traditions will be broken as a result.

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Clemson vs South Carolina had over 100 years of history, while Georgia vs Georgia Tech had 95, for example. Each team, as is the custom, had eight conference games and four nonconference on the schedule, but that will have to be changed now. It’s been said that each will keep the eight they originally had and that the additional two will be added, but that remains to be seen. The schedule, according to the SEC, will be released at a later date, but the action is slated to begin on September 26th, three weeks later than planned.

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