See Tom Cruise’s Total Transformation From Young ’80s Hunk Through Today In Photos

Tom Cruise simply doesn’t age. When the actor turned 60 years old in 2022, the movie star still had the youthful visage that helped rocket him to stardom 39 years earlier in 1983’s classic Risky Business. He’s remained physically active, still doing his own stunts in his films, and that seems to have helped Tom stay looking so young.

The Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning star has always maintained a strict level of privacy when it comes to his ageless appearance, as Tom has never discussed plastic surgery. However, he has stressed how changing up his workouts with a wide variety of physical activities keeps him youthful.

Among the superstar’s favorites are “Sea-kayaking, caving … fencing, treadmill, weights … rock-climbing, hiking … I jog… I do so many different activities,” Tom told Men’s Health U.K. in July 2023 about his body challenging activities.

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