Selfish Brit tourists turn campsite into ‘Hunger Games’ in sun lounger war

Sunbed hoggers are frowned upon when you go on holiday, but one woman was so frustrated with the outrageous behaviour of some guests that she is making threats

Sunbed reserved
The woman wanted to complain about the people reserving sunbeds (Stock Image)

When it comes to holidays, there’s one thing we can probably all agree on regarding sun loungers.

People who get up early to reserve the best spot around the pool for hours then go out for the whole day are frowned upon.

Some people are so dedicated to getting the best sun lounger, that they’ll get up at 6am with their trusty towels to bagsy the best seat in the house.

One woman took to Mumsnet to rant about how much this was annoying her during her holiday.

She wrote: “I’m in France on a lovely campsite. There are a particular group of Brits that go up the pool every morning, put their bloody stuff on about 10 loungers and then periodically pop up maybe twice in the day.

The woman wasn’t happy with the sunbed wars (Stock Image)


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“I was there for a few hours today and saw people sitting on the floor as these loungers had stuff on them but no people. It’s so f****** ignorant and selfish and it’s giving me the rage. Said people are noisy, playing loud music too and are a bunch of rude inconsiderate w******.

“Am I being unreasonable to complain to reception? Am so tempted to do it anonymously – they do it every day. Today they were also playing really loud rave music by their caravans because everyone on the campsite needs to hear it.”

People agreed with the holidaymaker that hogging sunbeds isn’t fair.

One wrote: “I’d just move all their belongings off and sit myself down.”

Another agreed, commenting: “Move the stuff. When they come back deny all knowledge and say they were empty when you got there, but the lifeguards do collect abandoned towels and put them in a pile. (Point to the pile you put the stuff in). Glasses on shrug and back to sunning yourself. I have done this multiple times.”

Someone said the woman should talk to reception, writing: “Talk to Reception. I have been to places where they say if loungers are not used for half an hour, they will be freed up for other users. Staff put their stuff in a box.

“People are so stupid. If they didn’t do this, and everyone just used beds when they wanted them there would be no problem.”

Another said: “It does sound a bit ‘carry on’. Or Hunger Games crossed with musical chairs. I suspect the serial offenders would rock up at the music hours and it would all be in vain.”

Others told of their own funny stories: “Stayed at a hotel in Spain and if towels were left on loungers for 20 minutes with a no show then the lifeguard removed them.”

Have you ever been unable to get a sunbed because of this reason? Let us know in the comments.

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