Shopper claims £7 Primark perfume smells just like Thierry Mugler’s £58 Alien scent

A keen bargain hunter has been left very impressed by Primark’s PS… Amethyst Haze Eau De Parfum, which she says smells very similar to Thierry Mugler’s high-end Alien scent

Shoppers have been pleasantly surprised after trying the bargain scent

It’s always lovely when you find a favourite new fragrance when out and about, especially when a bottle won’t cost you the earth.

One shopper has been left blown away by the Primark perfume, PS… Amethyst Haze Eau De Parfum, a scent that retails at just £7 for a 100ml bottle.

Although the price may be purse-friendly, bargain hunter Jenny says the scent is nothing short of luxurious, comparing it to Thierry Mugler’s high-end Alien scent.

Of course, a bottle of Alien will set you back £58 for a modest 30ml bottle. As Jenny rightly notes, this sum could buy you multiple bottles of Amethyst Haze, with plenty of change to spare.

The Primark “dupe” costs just £7 for a 100ml bottle


A 30ml bottle of Alien will set you back around £58


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Taking to the popular Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, Jenny shared a pic of her thrifty find, which she highly recommended to other perfume fans.

As previously reported by The Sun , Jenny wrote: “£7 for 100ml in Primark and it smells exactly like Alien!! The scent probably won’t last as long but for £7 you could have one at home, one in your bag, one at work, one in the car, etc. and it would still be cheaper than the original!!”

Her fellow group members expressed similar excitement over the find, vowing to get themselves down to Primark sharpish.

Others who’ve tried it advised that the scent also lasts quite well, with one woman reporting that she “sprayed this on my clothes at 7am this morning, and I can still smell it now at 2pm”.

Another noted that, as the scent is an Eau de Parfum rather than an Eau de Toilette, it will most likely last for a decent amount of time, meaning just one or two bottles should suffice.

As per a recent review by the Daily Record’s Rachel Williams, this widely praised “dupe” does not disappoint, and she was left “surprised by how powerful the budget fragrance”.

Williams wrote: “As soon as I popped Primark’s Amethyst Haze onto my wrist I was hit with a scent that was floral, aromatic, and sweet – similar to the powerful floral scent that Alien is iconic for.”

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