Shopper enraged after DPD driver chucks £655 PS5 and £350 Dyson Fan over 6ft fence

An online shopper was outraged after a DPD driver delivering their £655 PS5 and £350 Dyson fan lobbed the items over their 6ft fence, without even bothering to ring the doorbell

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Delivery driver throws PS5 and expensive fan over buyer’s gate

An online shopper was left astonished after catching a DPD driver throwing his £655 Playstation 5 and £350 Dyson fan straight over his 6ft fence, having apparently completely ignored the delivery instructions.

The shopper had been at home at the time of the botched delivery, and yet the driver hadn’t even bothered to ring the doorbell or try the side gate, as had been requested in the instructions.

In footage captured on CCTV, the female delivery driver could be seen throwing the pricey items over the fence, later claiming she hadn’t known what was inside the boxes.

However, the fan didn’t have any outer packaging, meaning one quick glance at the box would have arguably made it quite clear what it contained.

The PS5 was thankfully found to be undamaged and, while the Dyson fan had been broken, the anonymous homeowner has since been able to fix it with assistance from Currys.

The driver didn’t ring the doorbell or try the side gate, as had been specified in the instructions


Triangle News)

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The homeowner, who is understood to be in his 30s and from Lincolnshire, said: “I honestly have no idea why she did it. I was in my kitchen waiting for the delivery and the first I knew about it was the thud of the PS5 hitting the ground.”

“It’s quite hard getting hold of a PS5. But I finally was able to order one. I was off work and keeping eye on the tracking of my parcel on my phone. She didn’t ring at the front door and our delivery instructions are that the back gate is unlocked if we are not it.”

The irate customer had paid an additional £10 for a next-day delivery slot, bringing the total order up to £1,015.

The homeowner had been in the kitchen when he heard “the thud of the PS5 hitting the ground”


Triangle News)

They continued: “You don’t drop £1,000 of electrical goods over a 6ft fence full stop, never mind without checking if the person is in. This is my back gate. She didn’t try the front door. Just walked around and dropped over.

“My safe space instructions are ‘If we’re out, leave with neighbour or back gate will be unlocked’.”

The customer is now demanding answers from DPD following the incident and uploaded two videos to TikTok after giving the company one week to reply.

He claims DPD only got back to him after the clips had racked up more than one million views. This figure has since soared to 13 million views and counting.

The customer uploaded footage of the incident to TikTok


Triangle News)

In the second vid, the driver can be heard stating, “I don’t know what’s in what you see. I just go by what he tells me to do on here.”

However, many people feel this excuse just doesn’t cut it, with one person remarking you could “clearly can see the photo of the fan on one of the boxes.”

Another joked: “Don’t know what’s in the box when it has a picture on the front.”

A DPD spokesperson has given the following comment: “The behaviour of our driver here is completely unacceptable.

“We are carrying out a full investigation and will always take firm action where the behaviour of our people falls below the high standards we expect.”

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