Shoppers’ scramble to buy Aldi’s chocolate that tastes ‘exactly the same’ as Toblerone

Aldi fans are rushing to the budget supermarket to grab their hands on chocolate that tastes ‘the same’ as Toblerone and it retails at just a fraction of the price as the original

Toblerone and Aldi chocolate side by side
Mark Brown raved that the Aldi’s alternative tasted ‘the same’ as Toblerone

Aldi shoppers are rushing to their local store after they’ve caught eye of a dupe to the much-loved Toblerone. With Christmas Day just around the corner, households may be looking for budget-friendly options for their favourite chocolate in a bid to keep down costs and thankfully, the budget supermarket has been providing.

Aldi is renowned for its dupes as Guylian lovers will recognise the store’s budget alternative – the Belgian Chocolate Seashells. Mark Brown – who boasts more than one million followers on account @rightguysreview – took to TikTok to share the inexpensive alternative to Toblerone, which tastes “exactly the same”.

In his video, which has surpassed 1.5 million views since posting, the social media star compared the sweet treats side by side.

He snagged the product for just £2.99 for a large 400g bar, which is just a fraction of the price to the original’s 360g version – retailing at £5.

Mark explained: “Right guys, I’m just in Aldi and look what they’ve got – Aldi Toblerone!

“It’s called Swiss Collection Chocolate Mountain Bar – let’s get one, try it, and see if it’s like Toblerone.”

Aldi’s Mountain Bar costs just £2.99



The chocolate even looks the same



Prepared to put the chocolate to the ultimate test, Mark went on: “I’m back home now guys – and I also got a normal Toblerone.

“The Aldi one is 400g and the normal one I’ve got is just 100g.”

“Let’s give it a taste…” He exclaimed: “It’s just a Toblerone!

Surprisingly, the chocolate even looked incredibly similar as he compared the contents side by side.

He said “They’re just the same!”

Flocking to the comments, Mark left viewers rushing to share their thoughts about the tasty alternative – and several were already big fans of their own.

One person said: “Aldi version is lush!”

“The Aldi one is lovely,” another added.

A third wrote: “Can’t go wrong with any Aldi chocolate. It’s lovely.”

Meanwhile, a different user wrote: “Awww wish I had seen this was gonna get my daughter one but thought it wouldn’t taste the same.”

Another claimed: “Probably the same item, someone who works in a Lidl says Lidl choc seashells are made at the same place Guylian are .. maybe this is the same”

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