Silver: NBA Looking At Expansion

As we all know, these are strange, strange times. With Covid-19 changing the way we see the world, few would have expected that expansion would be talked about in the NBA for a while. However, that is actually the case, as the idea was bandied about by Commissioner Adam Silver on Monday. He acknowledged that there had been more talks about doing it since the pandemic struck than prior to, and that is something that many would be interested in. The reason, though, is pretty simple. Teams right now are losing a lot of money, and they are having a hard time keeping ‘regular employees’ employed.

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Loans are being extended to help, and some are taking them, and all kinds of issues are coming in, but the teams could be bailed out a bit by an expansion. That’s because the league would be expected to haul in at least $1 billion for a new franchise fee, which is a sum that could be split among the 30 current teams, alleviating some issues that might be present. The last time the association expanded was back in 2004 when Charlotte Bobcats- now the Hornets- joined the league. Since then there have been talks about teams moving to Seattle, but nothing much has been discussed about entirely new teams. There aren’t many rumors right now as to who could be the new city, if this plan occurred, but you’d have to think a return to Seattle would be high on the list of potentials, wouldn’t you?

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