Skin expert divulges five mistakes that age you quicker – and sugar is bad

A skin expert has explained the things you shouldn’t be doing if you want to keep a youthful glow – and unfortunately, this means cutting certain things from our lives

Nadia explained what’s bad for your skin

Whether we agree with it or not, many women are looking for things that make them look younger. From moisturisers, to treatments at a spa, we’re constantly on the lookout for holy grail products and our future go-to lotions and potions.

One skin expert has got your back though, as she’s taken to TikTok to share her beauty secrets. 48-year-old Nadia, who goes by the username @thebeautydoctrine shared the necessary things we should all be avoiding if we want our skin to be healthy and keep a youthful glow – just like her.

The first thing she says is a no-no is smoking. She explained: “Smoking causes 40 percent more collagen breakdown then average.”

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Of course, collagen helps to boost elasticity and keeps skin hydrated, so it’s key to looking younger.

She also explained that eating a diet high in sugar is not good for your skin.

“You need to cut back because it causes glycation, and that’s the hardening of the sugar around our collagen elastin causing breakage and the collapse of our structural foundation of the skin,” she explained.

Next, she said we need to avoid prolonged sun exposure because it causes DNA damage and collagen breakdown.

As much as we love it, we should all cut down on sugar (Stock Image)


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And, you might want to re-consider that bottle of prosecco the next time you go out because it turns out alcohol depletes the body of its necessary nutrients and is highly inflammatory – which isn’t good news for our skin.

Finally, Nadia explains that chronic stress can age you more because of cortisol, which speeds up aging.

People were quick to comment this advice must be the reason why she looks so young at 48.

One wrote: “That’s why your skin looks so beautiful! Thank you!”

Another quipped: “Listen to her she’s 48!”

Others thought she was stating the obvious, with one user suggesting “this is common sense”.

“And NOT drinking enough water”, another added.

What’s your skincare routine? Let us know in the comments.

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