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Soccer Player Assaulted on Field

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In England, a massive rivalry was set to play out on Sunday afternoon between Birmingham City and Aston Villa, both hailing from the city of Birmingham. It was blue against red, just like any other ‘derby.’ Except it wasn’t when a fan ran on the field and sucker punched Villa’s best player- Jack Grealish- in the back of the neck. The scenes were shocking to say the least. In America and in England, this sort of behavior has not been seen for a long, long time. It needs to stay that way, of course, but this has begun to be tested more and more. The NBA has had recent problems. How leagues deal with this is going to be essential to keeping not only players but fans safe, too. As for Birmingham City, expect them to miss out on having fans at home games for a while to deter this sort of ugly behavior from ever happening again.


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