Sources: Dolphins Cut Rosen

It’s safe to say that things have not gone well for Josh Rosen in the NFL. As he approaches his third year in the league, he will be on the hunt for a new team as he is, apparently according to sources, being let go by the Miami Dolphins after the team could not find a trade for him.


The Dolphins traded for him last season, picking him up from the Arizona Cardinals, and they are waving the white flag by taking this course of action. Rosen is 3-13 overall in games he has started, and he has played in 20 total games thus far. This upcoming season is likely to see newly-drafted Tua Tagovailoa and veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick split the time under center, leaving no room for Rosen. He’s still very young, so there is time for him to come good if he is afforded a new opportunity elsewhere.

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