Sources: Rockets ‘Expanding’ Harden Trade Talks

There has been much, and still yet will be much more, said about James Harden and his status with the Houston Rockets for this upcoming season. It’s not looking like he will be a member of the team, at least in the long term, with the team, apparently now expanding their search for a trade partner.

USA Today

It’s been said repeatedly in recent weeks that Harden prefers either to land in Brooklyn or in Philadelphia, but with neither willing or able to make the deal, at least at the moment, it looks as if the Rockets are taking measures into their own hands by looking elsewhere. The latest sources are saying that other playoff contenders, in both the East and West, are also interested in acquiring him and giving up the necessary assets to do so. Which teams those could be are left up in the air at this point, so your guess is ultimately as good as mine.

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