Spoilt pooches have beds in every room, 150 toys and cost owner £310 a month

Owner Jennifer Schone, 35, from Stendal, Germany, spends upwards of £310 a month on her two Dalmatians, ensuring they get the best food, most fashionable collars, and sleep like princesses with seven beds to choose from

It’s a life of luxury for Felicia and Delilah

Having a bed in every room of the house sounds like a luxury you could only dream of – but for these two pampered pooches it’s their reality.

Dalmatians Felica and Delilah are spoilt rotten by their owner Jennifer Schone, 35, who insists on spending £250 a month on the best dog food and more than £2,000 on their beds alone.

Jennifer, who works as a nurse, walks five-year-old Felicia and 10-week-old Delilah three times a day in the incredible countryside of Stendal, Germany.

The doggy duo now have more collars than she has bags and shoes combined, totalling a whopping £1,300.

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These lucky dogs only get the very best



They have seven beds to choose from



Felicia said: “I deliberately have no children, so it’s great to be able to spoil Felicia and Delilah as much as possible.

“Whilst some people may not see animals as substitutes for children, my horses and the dogs mean everything to me, and I love them the way in which parents love their kids.

“Felicia and Delilah only get the best of everything and are never uncomfortable.

“They have seven beds around the house including a princess bed, orthopaedic bed and five different baskets.

“I buy them the best brand of food which is about £250 a month, and then if I see a collar or sweater that looks pretty, I’ll always get it for them.

“They have over 150 toys between them, because they’re really active dogs they enjoy playing with them all.

The Dalmatians are spoilt for choice when it comes to daily activities



“We go on walks three times a day, in the morning and evening they come and jog with me, and in the afternoon, they get to run around a big open field.”

Jennifer often finds herself spending between £50 and £100 on her dog’s accessories and tries to buy the same collar in each colour variant.

She said: “They have 12 Dew handmade collars that retail at £58 each and 12 leather collars which are also £58 each.

“They have a small selection of jumpers and winter outfits which cost anywhere between £90 and £100, but they look adorable in them, and they outfits are of a long-lasting quality.

“They also have ten different harnesses which are £75 each. Each of their dog beds cost about £335, as they deserve to sleep in luxury.”

Jennifer would do anything for her pets



Jennifer provides her dogs with the highest of luxuries, paying for the best dog food and constant vet visits to make sure they’re healthy.

She’s even quite lenient with rules around the house.

She said: “I spoil them because they deserve it. They’re such smart and intelligent dogs, and they’re so loving.

“They deserve equal amounts of love and affection, if not more, and I do my best to provide that to them.

“They both get away with everything, they love to roll around in the mud, swim in lakes and go for long runs on walks.

“Even though they have all of their beds, I still love it when they come and cuddle up with me in my bed too.

“I have had two other Dalmatians in the past, and they are simply the best dogs.

“Felicia and Delilah are my soul mates; I would do anything for them.”

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