‘Spoilt’ toddler has three Louis Vuitton bags – but mum has message to the haters

People are accusing the mum of turning her child into a ‘brat’ saying she’s spoilt because she owns Louis Vuitton bags at three-years-old – but Christi Fritz has a reason for the investment

Christi Fritz's daughter
Christi Fritz’s daughter has an enviable designer handbag collection

Louis Vuitton bags are the height of luxury and most people could only dream of owning a real one as most cost over £1,000.

The designer handbags aren’t often on the minds of most three-year-olds, but not all of them – as Christi Fritz’s daughter already owns three of the sought-after items.

She recently shared a tour of her daughter’s bedroom, and it was enough to make grown adults jealous with a stunning pink velvet bed and beautiful soft pink wallpaper.

But some eagle-eyed viewers spotted the toddler’s collection of Louis Vuitton bags and were quick to ask why a three-year-old would have them, but Christi had the perfect comeback.

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One user wrote: “Why did you buy your three-year-old Louis Vuitton purses?” and in a fresh video, Christi responded in a video with her reasoning.

Christi, who uploads to TikTok as @christifritz, explained that she believes them to be a good investment, referring to the three bags as a ‘collection’.

Whilst picking them up and showing them to the camera she said: “Honestly she has them because we think it’s better to invest in high-quality bags that will last a long time.

“So we bought her the first two, the little ones, and the big one is actually my old one – she loved it, so I let her have it.

Most of us could only dream of Louis Vuitton bags…



…but this lucky little girl has multiple!



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“But it’s perfect! If she wants to bring toys or make-up anywhere we’re going she has her own bag to do so.”

Some TikTokers were less than impressed with the display of wealth, however.

One user wrote: “You spoil your daughter too much. She is going to grow up to be a brat.”

Others defended the mother and daughter, however, with someone writing: “Why do y’all care so much? It’s her kid, so what if she has nice stuff?”

Another wrote: “You seem like a nice mother why is everyone pressed it’s not like the kid knows the difference, she just likes the bags!”

“People act like they wouldn’t do the same for their kid if they had the money to do it, I see no problem with spoiling your kids here and there”, another weighed in.

What do you think of the bags? Let us know in the comments.

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