Starbucks Sells “Ajji Approved Filter Coffee” For Rs 290 In Bengaluru, Internet Baffled

Starbucks Sells 'Ajji Approved Filter Coffee' For Rs 290 In Bengaluru, Internet Baffled

Since being shared, the tweet has amassed six lakh views and over 15,000 likes.

Multinational coffee chain Starbucks recently put up an advertisement for a new drink to their menu in Bengaluru – filter coffee. However, several internet users mocked the brand after it advertised “Ajji (grandmother) approved” filter coffee for Rs 290 plus taxes. A user took to share the advertisement and said no grandmother would agree to pay such exorbitant amount for a cup of filter coffee. 

Adithya Venkatesan took to Twitter to share the picture of the advertisement and wrote, “Dear Starbucks, there’s literally no ajji in god’s green earth who’ll approve a filter coffee for 290rs +taxes.” In the advertisement, an elderly woman and a young man are shown sipping filter coffee while seated next to one other. The text reads, “AJJI APPROVED FILTER COFFEE FOR SHIVVU. Starting at 290*”

Since being shared, the tweet has amassed six lakh views and over 15,000 likes. Many people were surprised to see the pricing.

“Literally! They are too much!” remarked a user.

“There’s aspirations. Then there’s dreams. And then there’s nightmares disguised as dreams,” added a second person.

A third person commented, “Ajji will make one hot cuppa at home for roughly ‘Char bucks'”

“Also I have noticed they never have the smallest size for regular coffee available at Bengaluru airport. And you are stuck with a big cup of essentially frothy milk that takes about 25 mins to finish and costs way more than what it is worth,” said a user.

A grandmother commented on the post and said she is simply “shocked.” “As an Ajji, I am shocked! Home and Darshini filter coffee at less than one tenth cost have my full approval…” she commented. 

“My grandma will rise from her grave and pull me by my ears if I ever try to buy filter coffee for 290 + tax” commented another person.

This comes after the company had said last year that it would expand its menu to include masala chai and filter coffee, two favourites in India.

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