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Stem Cell Dental Implants Grow New Teeth In 2 Months!

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Scientists really never back down. A new dental replacement procedure has been discovered and tested, and it’s a whole lot better than getting regular dentures and artificial teeth.

Losing a tooth is a source of major pain, and it also comes with a lot of issues and long-term discomforts. Dentures are one way to replace a lost or bad tooth, but they come with a lot of burdens on their own.

It takes a while to get used to having teeth you were not born with, and some people’s gums and jaw bones are just not suitable to receive implants.

A new procedure has been developed for tooth replacement. According to a study that was published in the Journal of Dental Research, it is now possible to regenerate your own teeth through stem cell implants.

Dr. Jeremy Mao, a Professor of Dental Medicine at Columbia University Medical Research Center headlined this investigation.  A scaffold is implanted into the root of the missing tooth, and the stem cells infused can cause regeneration of anatomically perfect teeth in approximately two months from the day of implantation.

How do these stem cell implants actually work?

The University of Columbia funded this ground-breaking study, and it was conducted in the Regenerative Laboratory of the university. Basically, a little scaffold made of natural materials compatible with human saliva is implanted into the cavity.

The stem cells begin to grow around the tooth and will eventually dominate it. This then allows the tooth filaments to commence growth in the socket. The initial experiments were conducted outside of the human body, but it was later discovered that surrounding tissues that naturally support a tooth would also begin to grow with the enamel. The process is incredible and takes dental surgery to a whole new level.

In the journal, Dr. Mao stated his motivation for this research. “Key consideration in tooth regeneration is finding a cost-effective approach that can translate into therapies for patients who cannot afford or who are not suitable candidates for dental implants. Cell-homing-based tooth regeneration may provide a distinct pathway toward clinical translation.”

How will the public take this?

This technique also allows you to recover more quickly than the traditional implants would. Despite all the aforementioned endearing advantages, this method may have a hard time gaining public acceptance.

A lot of people don’t trust medical procedures that involve the use of stem cells. People feel all stem cell operations involve genetic modifications.

That’s enough to cause a lot of fretting, but it is not true in this case. This new process is completely natural and undergoes no form of manipulation.

On the other hand, a good number of people would fall in love with this procedure the moment they get to know about it. Some people have very weak dentition and regularly need to go in and get dentures. This technique would be a saving grace from all the pain and discomfort.

The University of Columbia has already concluded the process of patent application for this new medical technology. However, the research team is not backing down any time soon. They’re constantly working, with Dr. Mao in the lead, to improve this new technique and discover and address any possible side effects before it goes public.


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