Student became best friends with 71-year-old woman after she missed her bus home

A student became best friends with a 71-year-old woman and now the pair go for walks, visit each others homes, and even go to the pub – despite the 52 year age gap

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Student becomes best friends woman despite 52-year age gap

A student and a 71-year-old woman have become unlikely best friends after meeting by chance in the middle of the night – despite their 52 year age gap.

Rebecca McCurry, 19, spotted Ann, a grandmother of five, walking the streets of Glasgow alone late at night so went over to make sure she was ok.

It emerged that Ann had missed her bus home, the last of the night, and she had nowhere to stay – so Rebecca offered to put her up for the night.

Now the unlikely pals talk every day and have visited each other’s homes – going for walks, dinners, and to the pub together.

They make an unusual pair but get on very well



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Rebecca, a sociology student at the University of West of Scotland, said: “I was at a party, and I went outside and spotted her.

“She’d been wandering the streets for hours after missing her bus.

“I just said ‘you’ll sleep with me tonight’ and she looked so thankful.

“The next morning, I was a bit shocked to see a tuft of her hair poking out of my bed, but then I remembered I’d let her stay.

“Most students wake up with a bit of a hangover, but I woke up with a 71-year-old stranger in my bed.

“We’ve stayed in touch and we’re great friends.

“She’s so cool and I learn so much from her.”

Ann had been in Glasgow, Scotland, visiting her sick brother when she got stuck trying to get home in March 2021.

Unable to stay in a hotel due to covid regulations and having missed the last bus home, she planned to wander the streets all night.

“I couldn’t believe it when she told me she’d been wandering around for so long,” Rebecca said.

“It was already about 11.30pm at night.

“I made her come in with me and I snuck her past my security by saying she was my granny.”

After taking Ann to her room, Rebecca went to go back to the party for a bit.

After meeting by chance, now they go out their way to visit each other



“Ann just turned around and said ‘where’s my invite?’ so she ended up coming along,” Rebecca said.

“Everyone loved her.”

Rebecca was shocked to discover Ann in her bed the next morning – having momentarily forgotten the previous night’s events.

“I saw her short hair poking out of my duvet and I freaked out thinking ‘who is in my bed?’,” she said.

“Then I remembered.

“Ann couldn’t stop calling me an angel but I was just glad to help.”

Ann managed to get home safely the next day, but the unlikely friends kept in touch.

“I found her so interesting,” Rebecca said.

“She’s a bit of a hippie and has so many cool stories and has done every job under the sun.”

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Rebecca went to visit Ann in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, and the friends went for dinner, a walk along the beach and to a local pub for some live music.

“It was a lovely weekend,” she said.

“We just have the best time.

“I think she loves finding out what it is like to be a student these days and I love hearing all about her.

“After meeting Ann I’m not scared to get old.

“If that’s what it is like to be a pensioner then count me in.”

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