Subway worker falls asleep while making customer’s sandwich: ‘I can’t imagine how underslept she is’

subway workers falls asleep

Have you ever been so tired you feel like you could fall asleep standing up straight? This Subway worker has, and her quick little power nap got caught on camera. (1)

Subway Worker Falls Asleep On A Sandwich

A Subway employee needed just a few extra zzz’s – and she got them face-down in a customer’s sandwich. (1)

The customer noticed what was happening and pulled his phone out to film it just in time. (1)

In the video, the worker starts out sprinkling what appears to be pepper onto the sub – then slowly but surely she nods off until she is face down in the foot-long. (1)

TikTok user ss4xgoku1 shared the video on TikTok with the caption:

“Like fr [for real]… I js [just] wanted a Sandwich bro” (1)

Comments and Concerns

TikTok Users who watched the video fall into one of two camps: 

  • Those concerned about the young woman
  • Those who think it is absolutely hilarious

 The Concerned Camp

Many of the people in the concerned camp expressed how hard we are on customer service workers, mentioning how sad they thought the whole situation seemed.

“This is actually really sad. I can’t imagine how underslept she is. Not to mention the wage people get paid at Subway… She deserves better,” said user Monique Emilia. (1)

“Poor thing… Can’t imagine how underslept she is, we’re too hard on service workers.” said another. (1)

User Cameron Davis wrote:

“This is so sad, she needs a day off. [You] can tell she’s overworked” (1)

Others commented on how much fast food employees work for very little money. They mentioned how many of them work crazy hours, maybe even have two jobs, just to try and support their families on such small wages. (1)

“We can’t feed our families, pay our bills, or even keep a roof over our heads on minimum wage pay,” states the movement which started in 2012 when two hundred fast-food workers walked off the job to demand $15/hr and union rights in New York City. Meanwhile, many netizens speculated that the Subway worker in the now-viral video may not have been overworked as many suggested, but rather under the influence of drugs while on the job. “That is not ‘no sleep’ or ‘underslept’… That’s nodding [sic] out… Strong drugs, unfortunately. If you know, you know… I wish her healing,” wrote user ThatUniqueLife. (1)

Many others expressed concern for her health, speculating on whether she may have narcolepsy or diabetes as a reason that she fell asleep so suddenly. (1)

The Comedy Camp

There were also plenty of users who found the video purely entertaining.

User Spice King wrote:

“I would have jumped over the counter and made it myself.” (1)

Another commented:

“You said you wanted everything on it?” (1)

In general, there were a large number of TikTok users who found the whole thing very comical.

The Truth Behind The Video

Whether you are in the group of people worried about this young woman or you just laughed at the video and moved on with your day, the original user who posted the video finally spoke up.

To address mainly those who were concerned for the young woman’s health and vitality, he said this:

“Can y’all stop with the negative comments. The lady woke up after the video ended. She is fine. She just needs to not do drugs before work.” (1)

He did not say which drugs she had used, however, his comment did clear up all speculation from other commenters.

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