‘Sweet little bungalow’ on the side of the road hides unexpected creepy history

Urban explorers stumbled across an abandoned building on the side of the road and were keen to take a look – but they had no idea the secrets they were about to uncover


A ‘sweet little bungalow’ on the side of the road hides a pretty creepy history.

Two urban explorers stumbled across a disused building, expecting it to be nothing more than that – little did they know they were walking into a morgue.

Pictures of the building were shared by ‘ Urbexcr ‘, who travel all across the country venturing into interesting abandoned buildings and structures, documenting their findings, reports Daily Star.

Their most recent discovery was an unsuspecting brick building sitting at the side of a busy road.

While it doesn’t look like anything special from the outside, the inside exposes its past use as a morgue.

You wouldn’t have known this was hiding inside



It’s frozen in time



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That’s right, it was once used to store human corpses for a UK hospital that is situated nearby – and with old equipment left out on the side, it looks like it’s been frozen in time.

Upon entry, the urban explorers found three small rooms.

The first room contained empty cold chambers, now only housing moss and dirt.

The second housed a single steel mortuary table and the third was a small office filled to the brim with broken chairs and paperwork.

The creepy chambers



“We drove past this hospital on the way to another explore and noticed the little building at the side.

“Being the inquisitive people we are we decided to take a look and to our surprise it was a morgue.

“I can’t even begin to describe how eerie and fascinating this place was.

“It was very small yet housed everything it needed. To see the morgue table in tact and the fridges where the bodies once lay was quite a surreal feeling.

“These little finds are what we live for.”

Social media users have been left fascinated by the abandoned mortuary and have been sharing their thoughts.

One user wrote: “Fabulous pictures, I sense an overwhelming calm about the place. Would love to visit it.”

Another joked: “Sweet little bungalow, but probably to morbid for anyone to want to live in.”

“Interesting but creepy,” said a third.

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