‘Talking dog’ says hello in English accent – sending social media into meltdown

Eight-year-old Fuggers has taken the internet by storm after a video of her appearing to greet her owner went viral and won her several adoring fans

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An adorable pooch is winning hearts all around the world after a video emerged of her appearing to say ‘hello’ in an English accent.

Fuggers, who lives in Bedford with her owner Shana Gilbert, filmed the eight-year-old pup as she let out an unusual noise – which sounded just like she was greeting her.

The chihuahua is pictured wriggling around on the ground while staring into the camera and making some unusual noises.

After sharing the cute video on TikTok, it has received 2.4 million likes from dog lovers and adoring fans.

Fuggers has become an internet sensation overnight


Jam Press/@pawmaster_dog_groomin)

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Shana said: “I was having a rare day off, watching a film with my blanket and snacks.”

“Fuggers wanted on the sofa as she cannot jump on, so I started filming her as she makes these hilarious noises.

“She suddenly said ‘hello’. I laughed for a minute, said hello back, lifted her on the sofa had gave her a Dorito.”

Thinking it was a funny video to share, Shana posted it on TikTok and went to bed. But she had no idea how popular the clip would become.

When she woke up the following morning, she had 30,000 notifications on her phone.

Dog lover Shana, who also owns rescued Chihuahuas Tiny and Bug and a Doberman called Nemo, said: “The thing that amuses me the most is that Fuggers is totally unaware she is an internet sensation.”

After the video took off, TikTok viewers commented to share their glee at a ‘talking dog’.

While some people thought Fuggers sounded like the worm from the film Labyrinth, others thought the pooch sounded a bit cockney.

“Give it fish and chips,” one viewer said.

Another joked: “Ello Luv how are you doing today would you like some tea?”

Although Fuggers is now living a cushy life as an internet sensation, she didn’t have the easiest start to life. Shana rescued her from a puppy farm when she was 15 months old.

Shana said: “She was skinny, covered in fleas, and had infected feet. It took me a while to socialise and get her used to everything.

“Now she is outgoing, loves her food, but is a tad overweight as she has hip dysplasia and can’t walk far.

“We are all obsessed with her.”