Taylor Swift Reacts to Couple Getting Engaged at Her Eras Tour Show: ‘Thanks for Doing That’

Taylor Swift’s first Eras tour concert in Edinburgh, Scotland, was a ~fairytale~ for one Swiftie couple who got engaged during the show, and the pop star got to witness it.

The “Lover” singer, 34, was performing “Cardigan” at Murrayfield Stadium on Friday, June 7, when a marriage proposal happened in the audience, as seen in a video shared on TikTok. Taylor finished the song with a smile on her face as she looked into the crowd and said, “I love performing this entire show in the sunlight, because I’m pretty sure I just, like, saw somebody getting engaged over here.” The audience erupted in cheers and appeared to confirm what she saw.

“Did it happen?” she asked the couple before throwing her fists in the air and shouting, “Yes!”

The Grammy winner continued, “You have no idea, I never get to see that, right? Because it’s, like, dark usually at night, but it’s not right now.”

Not only did Taylor offer her congratulations to the couple, but she also thanked them for sharing the moment with her.

“Wow, I just saw that whole thing! Uh, man, that’s amazing. Thanks for doing that at my concert, that’s a big moment — huge!” she concluded.

Elsewhere during the concert, Taylor stopped her acoustic performance of “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve” to make sure that an audience member in front of her received help. She continued to play her guitar but replaced the lyrics of her song.

“We need help right in front of me please, right in front of me,” she said, as seen in fan footage posted on TikTok. “Just gonna keep playing until we notice where it is.”

Taylor then pointed her guitar in front of her and added, “It’s right there. I’m just gonna keep playing ‘til somebody helps them. And I’m gonna keep singing this song. I don’t think anybody’s gotten to them yet, but they’re gonna. ‘Cause we’re not gonna keep singing, we’re just gonna keep talking about the people that need help in front of me. Just let me know when … I can do this all night.”

After she got confirmation that the audience member received assistance, she said, “OK you’re good? Awesome!” and continued her performance.

Taylor played her second show at Murrayfield Stadium on June 8, and she’s set to perform a third and final concert there on Sunday, June 9. The pop star will then head to Liverpool, England, for a set of three shows at Anfield Stadium beginning on June 13. The European leg of the Eras tour continues until late August.

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