Teacher shares the most inappropriate name she’s ever heard in her classroom

A teacher has been left horrified after learning the extremely inappropriate name of one of her pupils, and it went viral a after her daughter shared it on social media

Teacher sat in her classroom (Stock Photo)
The teacher was horrified by the disturbingly inappropriate name (Stock Photo)

No doubt most teachers will have at some point come across a name that causes them to do a double-take while taking the register.

However, one teacher may well have encountered the most inappropriately named child ever to set foot in a classroom.

The teacher’s daughter shared a screengrab sent by her astounded mum, who had been left more than a little taken aback by the student’s unusual name.

Although variety is certainly the spice of life, and it would be a boring old world if we all liked the same names, there are some connotations and associations most parents would try and avoid.

For example, few mums and dads would look down adoringly upon their gurgling newborn and decide upon the name ‘Erotica’.

Some believe the name should be “illegal” (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the teacher’s daughter wrote, “Mum sent me this text today. Possibly the worst name I’ve seen.”

In the screengrab, which shows a text exchange between mother and daughter, her mum appears horrified as she relays the name of a child at her school.

Her mystified mum wrote: “There is a student named Erotica. Who would do that to their child?”

In response, the daughter gasped: “At your school??? I can’t believe that’s real”.

Clearing things up for disbelieving commenters, the poster clarified that she didn’t think her mum was just winding her up, as she just isn’t the sort of person to do that.

She also expressed hope that there’s been some sort of typo somewhere along the way, and that the child’s real name is Erica.

Her fellow Reddit users have been left similarly aghast, with many agreeing with her assessment that naming someone Erotica should be “illegal”.

One dumbfounded person wrote: “Surely whoever was filling out the paperwork to register that child should have said no to naming a child that?”

Another joked: “Her brother’s called Chardonnay. They were named after the reasons they were conceived”.

A third person tried to find some merits in the name, reasoning: “That could almost be a good name (save for the ‘rot’ part) were it not for what it means”.

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