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Thailand: German tourist emasculated after putting his penis inside giant “flesh-eating” snail

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Phuket | A German tourist is lying in critical condition at Bangkok Hospital Phuket after his genitals were mutilated from contact with a large-sized cone snail.

Helmut Grolsch, 46, allegedly attempted to insert his genitals inside the shell of what doctors believe to be a cone snail, a large-sized extremely venomous predatory sea snail very common in the region.

Grolsch apparently inserted his genitals inside the shell not knowing that cone snails can deliver a lethal dose of venom which is powerful enough to kill humans and can provoke symptoms such as paralysis, extreme pain and dizziness.

Grolsch admittedly was intoxicated by alcohol and under the influence of several drugs when the incident occurred.

“I had taken some ecstasy and I was already really drunk. The snail looked and smelled like a wet vagina, one thing led to another. I don’t remember how it happened,” Helmut Grolsch told reporters.

Helmut Grolsch was transported to Phuket International Hospital in excruciating pain and half paralyzed after the large-sized snail delivered a lethal dose of venom to the man’s genitalia.

“We are happy we only had to amputate a third of the patient’s penis and were able to save the rest from amputation,” Dr. Paribatra told reporters.

Dr. Paribatra at Bangkok Hospital Phuket says that the cone nail had severely damaged his patient’s urethra but that his patient should still be able to urinate using a straw-like apparatus.

Cone snails are known to use their extremely sharp spines to harpoon small fish with the ability to penetrate even gloves and wetsuits.

Thirty deaths have been recorded in Thailand since 2006 as a result of accidental harpooning in humans who either handled the creatures or stepped on the shells while wading.

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