The Best Early Amazon Prime Day 2022 TV Deals

While Black Friday and the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl are traditionally the best times to find great prices on a new TV, don’t discount Prime Day if you’re on the hunt for a newer, larger, better-looking screen for your living room, bedroom, or beyond.

Even though Prime Day isn’t until July 12-13, you can save now on Amazon-branded Fire TVs, as well as sets from Hisense, LG, and Sony.

The Best Early Amazon Prime Day 2022 TV Deals

If you’re in the market for a new TV, the most important decision is finding the right display to fit your space; most living rooms are well-served by a 55- to 65-inch screen. After that, ask what kind of budget and quality needs you have: a sharper, brighter, more responsive TV almost always costs more, especially as you jump up to QLED and OLED screens. Most TVs today will be in a 4K resolution, and while 8K screens are also available, we don’t recommend splurging on one yet since there’s not a lot of 8K content to watch.

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50-Inch Amazon Fire TV

50-Inch Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 4K Smart TV

This 50-inch Amazon Fire TV is a perfect fit for your bedroom or den. With intelligent features like Alexa voice control, Wi-Fi connectivity, and built-in streaming services, the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series puts all of your entertainment needs in one place. It’s available in 4K ultra HD (4x the number of pixels in 1080p HD) for a clearer and more vibrant display.

LG C1 Series 55-Inch

LG C1 Series 55-Inch 4K Smart OLED TV

The LG C1 Series Smart TV  supports Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision IQ, and Dolby Atmos to give you that cinematic experience at home. Its a9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K automatically adjusts the picture and sound to optimize content no matter what’s on your screen. This OLED TV also has a built-in Game Optimizer that utilizes Nvidia G-Sync and FreeSync Premium to enhance your gaming experience.

55-Inch Hisense U7G

55-Inch Hisense U7G Series 4K ULED Android Smart TV

Give your gaming an edge with the Hisense U7G Series 4K TV. A 120Hz native refresh rate means silky smooth frame rates with minimal input lag. This smart TV works with both Google and Alexa, so you can give it commands no matter which mobile device you have. The remote has button shortcuts to streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Disney+. Combined with Dolby Vision HDR and DTS audio technologies, you’ll be the one hosting movie night at your place from here on out.

65-inch Sony X90J

65-Inch Sony X90J Series Bravis XR 4K Smart Google TV

While not the latest model in its class, the Sony X90J Series Bravia XR still has a lot of features to love. Utilizing a cognitive processor, this TV understands how we see and hear to deliver the best possible display. Not only can you stream from the included platforms, the TV is compatible with USB drives (formatted in FAT16/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS) so that media fanatics can make the most of their expansive libraries. And if you’re big on gaming, you might be interested to know that this TV has increased functionality with the PlayStation 5, which makes sense considering Sony manufactures both products.

65-Inch Amazon Fire TV Omni 4K

65-Inch Amazon Fire TV Omni 4K HDR TV With Dolby Vision

This is the bigger, upgraded version of our first TV on the list, now with the benefit of 4K UHD. Amazon’s Omni series aims to be totally hands-free, meaning you won’t need a remote to perform any of your usual tasks. Simply consult Alexa and the TV’s built-in microphone will prompt it to change channels, access streaming platforms, and turn on/off the power. With just a few more updates, maybe these TVs will be smart enough to turn onto the right channel when it’s time for your show?