The North of The UK Appeals To Tourists More Than The South

It’s an argument almost as old as the UK itself: is the north or the south of the country better? Come on everyone, we can sort this via a good old row.

Now the debate has finally been settled by tourists who think that a trip to Blackpool for donuts and donkey rides is better than paying a visit to the White Cliffs of Dover.

Blackpool - better than most of the South. Credit: PA
Blackpool – better than most of the South. Credit: PA

The winners were chosen using an algorithm based on the quality and quantity of reviews left for their hotels, restaurants and attractions over the past year, as well as interest in booking trips to those places over Trip Advisor.

While London obviously finished top of the pile, the UK’s capital city was one of only four southern destinations in the top ten along with Jersey, the Isle of Wight and Bath, proving again that London is a Dementor that sucks all the joy from everything around it.

Interestingly, two of the southern locations are islands, suggesting that the people using Trip Advisor are the types that enjoy coastal scenery – or quiet caravan parks.

St. George's Hall in Liverpool. Credit: PA
St. George’s Hall in Liverpool. Credit: PA

Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh won second place – no doubt thanks to Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh Fringe – while Liverpool took third with its museums, musical history and nightlife.

The top five was rounded off by Jersey and York – the latter being another medieval city with a large castle. Seems like tourists also like seeing castles.

The remainder of the top ten on Trip Advisor’s 2018 list is made up of Glasgow – another Scottish city – Isle of Wight, Bath, Blackpool and Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland.

The full top ten is as follows, if that helps:

While you might be pedantic and say the north/south debate only applies to England, everyone in the UK who’s not a southerner hates the south so there’s no disputing it’s a massive victory for the North. Haud yer wheesht, the Scots might say.

Of course, Manchester didn’t feature in the top ten which means that the whole list is irrelevant anyway, but hey, them’s the breaks.

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