There’s A Theme Park That Allows Kids To Operate Construction Machinery


Whether you were a kid who was star-struck by construction equipment or have a child who is, Diggerland is the place for you. That’s right, there is a theme park where instead of roller coasters and thrill rides, kids get to operate construction equipment.

Diggerland: A Construction Lover’s Dream Park

In West Berlin, New Jersey, kids are going crazy for construction. Though many kids enjoy playing with miniature backhoes, dump trucks, and excavators, here they get to play with the real thing. Created to be as realistic as possible, visitors to Diggerland have the opportunity to operate this machinery all on their own. (1)

With 25 different attractions over 21 acres of land to explore, there is much for children to do at Diggerland. The machines, of course, have been modified to fit their much smaller operators and are adjusted to be suitable and safe for every guest. (1)

Day passes are just $30 and a season’s pass only $50. This also gives you access to the parks’ military truck adventures and the rope course. (1)

Diggerland also offers birthday parties, adult activities and corporate party packages, and an annual family camp-out night. Visit their website for more information. (1)

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