This Ad For Chhattisgarh’s Rural Development Initiative Features ‘Yamraj’

This Ad For Chhattisgarh's Rural Development Initiative Features 'Yamraj'

C-mart is aimed at promoting local products and rural entrepreneurship.

New Delhi:

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has shared a super fun commercial on C-mart, an initiative which has been undertaken by the state for the development of the rural economy. The advertisement features an interaction between Yamraj and an old lady. 

The clip, which was shared on Twitter, opens with Yamraj, the God of death, asking the woman to wake up as her time to leave the world has arrived. The lady, who seems least concerned with Yamraj’s command, asks him to wait as she wants to freshen up first.

Yamraj, who is extremely particular about his duty hours, puts a garland on the lady’s photo. Moments later, the woman walks in with a plate full of lip-smackingly delicious recipes for Yamraj. 

After hesitating initially, Yamraj couldn’t stop himself from relishing the entire platter. He then asks if she can prepare food in heaven too. The lady then asks, “Is there a C-mart in heaven?” When Yamraj says no, the old woman refuses to accompany him.

In the next frame, we get to know more about C-mart, the initiative which has been undertaken by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. The aim is to promote local products and rural entrepreneurship. C-mart also works as a marketplace for the local products of Chhattisgarh made by women of self-help groups. 

The clip ends with Yamraj requesting the woman to give him some food for his trip.

The video was shared with an equally hilarious caption. It read, “So that’s why Yamraj went back.”

People on social media have given a thumbs up to the out-of-the-box approach. 

A user said, “Awesome ad after a long time. Kudos…C-Mart.”

Some called it an “innovative advertisement” 

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