This Tiny Store Hangs From A Large Cliff in China, Sells Snacks To Rock Climbers

This Tiny Store Hangs From A Large Cliff in China, Sells Snacks To Rock Climbers

The shop employees are professional rock climbers as well.

Apart from natural wonders, China also boasts of stunning man-made buildings and structures, highlighting the country’s engineering marvels. One such unique convenience store is located on a high cliff in China, pictures of which have resurfaced on X, leaving users amazed. 

According to CGTN, the store opened in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Pingjiang County, Hunan Province in 2018. The small wooden box that hangs on the side of a mountain provides refreshments to climbers who need a quick break in the middle of their climb.

X user ‘Science Girl’ shared a few pics of the store and explained, ”In the Hunan province in China, 120 metres393 feet) up the side of a cliff, There is a shop It supplies climbers with essential snacks, refreshments, and sustenance during their ascent. Workers replenish the store using ziplines, to offer a unique shopping experience with this fusion of sustenance and scenery.”

See the images here:

The pictures have left internet users stunned, who were extremely curious to know about how the store functions and who operates it. 

One user wrote, ”This is beyond genius.” Another commented, ”This is just crazy and incredible at the same time.”

A third stated, ”I’d be absolutely terrified shopping here.” A fourth wrote, ”Absolute amazing and my mind is blown. This is some real community shit right here because the owner of this shop is definitely not putting his life at risk to sell sweeties for himself lol.”

A fifth joked, ”And I thought my work commute was bad.”

Notably, the shop employees are professional rock climbers as well and the commodities they sell are transported to the shop via a special rope conveyer. According to China’s CCTV media outlet, only one worker is stationed inside the box at any time.

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