Ticketmaster Will Require Negative COVID Test, Vaccine Status To Attend Events

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With the latest news of a potential vaccine on the horizon, event companies and venues are preparing for when they will be allowed to open. With the goal of preventing a third wave of COVID-19, Ticketmaster has announced its future regulations for future concert and event-goers. (1)

Ticketmaster Announces COVID-19 Protocols

Post-pandemic fan safety is the top of Ticketmaster’s priorities for the hopeful return of concerts, sports games, and events in 2021. The company is working on a framework using smartphones that will confirm customers’ vaccination status or whether they have tested negative for the virus within the last 24 to 72 hours. (1)

The plan is still in the developmental phase and relies on three important factors (1):

  1. The Ticketmaster digital ticket app
  2. Third-party health information companies
  3. Testing and vaccine distribution providers

How It Will Work

As long as it gets approved, the process will look like this (1):

  1. The user purchases a ticket.
  2. Fans must verify if they’ve had the vaccine (valid for one year) or if they’ve tested negative within 24 to 72 hours prior to the event.
    Regional health authorities will determine the length of the testing window. 
  3. The fans must tell the lab to deliver the test results to their health pass company. 
  4. The health pass company will then send the results to Ticketmaster, who will provide the fan with the necessary credentials in order to attend the event.

If the user does not go through these steps, they will not be permitted to enter the event space. (1) Two things to keep in mind are (1):

  • Ticketmaster will not have access to or store fan’s medical records. They will only receive verification as to whether or not a fan is cleared for an event.
  • Different states will have different requirements.

Though concerts, sports games, festivals, and other events are still a long way off. However, it’s exciting to think of the possibility that these things might be coming back sooner than later.

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